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UAE occupation gets rid of its collaborators in Shabwa

SHABWA, Jan. 11 (YPA)-  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation  forces have excluded the sons of Radhom district from their leadership positions after enabling the UAE occupation to control the port of Balhaf and extend its influence over the province of Shabwa, Southern Yemen, sources familiar with the issued told Yemen Press Agency on Thursday.

The Yemeni political writer,  Abdullah Hajib called on sons of the district not to be used as a tool to achieve the desires of others.

“The local residents of Radhom are lost and excluded, after plots made against them by the UAE occupation,” Abdullah Hajib wrote on his Facebook Page.

He said that the Emiratis had forced them to resign from the leadership of the “Shabwanian elite forces” after playing the most prominent role in establishing and extending their control in the district.

The writer confirmed that the people of the district are outside the formations of security in the area and they are away to hold the leadership positions in the elite forces in the province.