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Ansarullah still has many military and political surprises

SANAA, Jan. 10 (YPA) – Ansarullah still has a lot of military and political surprises, after having penetrated its drones to the latest American and Western radars and hit its target in a highly precise strike at the heavily fortified Al Anad Military Base, the newspaper Rai-Al-Youm said in it’s editorial on Thursday.

“This surprise brings the Yemeni war back to square one”, the Chief of Editor,  the Journalist  Abdulbari Ata’an said in the editorial.

He indicated that the success of such an operation in an area entirely under the control of the coalition forces and its militants confirms the weakness and inadequacy of the coalition’s preparations, despite spending more than $9 billion per month in the Yemen war and buy arms deals in tens of billions of dollars.

First, it also reveals the extent to which “Ansarullah” has progressed militarily in this field as the Yemeni war approaches the completion of its fourth year, he added.

The Qasif 2K drone launched an attack on Tuesday targeting a  military parade of coalition militants at the al-Anad airbase in Lahj province, southern Yemen,  killing and wounding scores of them, including senior military commanders.