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Marib has become capital of coalition wounded recruits, some of whom are dying of neglect

MARIB, Jan. 7 (YPA) – The city of Marib, north-east of Yemen, has turned into a capital for wounded militiamen loyal to Saudi-led coalition, who come to the city from separate fronts, so that they might win a travel ticket to fly abroad for treatment.

Sources told Yemen Press Agency that it is hardly that a day passes in Marib without protests of the wounded. “You will find someone sitting in a wheelchair, someone standing on crutches, and another seems exhausted from the injury,” they said.

Despite the daily protests by the wounded and the numerous memos explaining their situation and the negligence they face, this did not change anything in the position of the coalition leaders in Marib. Indeed, the cases of the wounded in Marib are remarkably increasing day after day, according to local sources in the city.

There is a manipulation in the issue of the coalition wounded, who will be selected for treatment abroad by mediation and nepotism, while the vast majority of them are neglected.

The sources said that the number of wounded in Marib exceeded 3,000, who did not get a “visa” granting them the right to travel for treatment.

The committee of the wounded care said in a memorandum it issued on Monday that the intransigence of some officials and their handling of the issue of wounded as a minor issue has forced it to suspend all its tasks until the concerned authorities respond to them.

“The delay of the amount allocated for the treatment of the wounded caused the accumulation of cases and their deterioration and losing many of them,” the memo said.

Last November, wounded militiamen in the province of Taiz, south-west of Yemen, made strenuous attempts to get a chance for treatment abroad without success.