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Local authority in Shabwa condemns UAE-backed militias’ crime in Markha district

SHABWA, Jan. 5 (YPA) – The local authority in Shabwa province on Saturday condemned the crime committed by the so-called “Shabwani elite militia backed by the UAE occupation forces in Markha distort, which led to the killing of ten citizens, including children.

Governor of Shabwa Ali al-Tombala said in a statement that the attack of Shabwani elite militias on homes of Al Mohasen Mihdhar in al-Hajar area of Markha district with various types of weapons with air force cover revealed the real face of the invasion and occupation forces and their tools.

Al-Tombala  pointed out that this crime is no less horrifying than the terrorist crimes committed by al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist organizations.

The governor called on the United Nations and its special envoy to Yemen to form an independent commission of inquiry into the circumstances of the crime of the UAE-backed militias in al-Hajar and to bring the perpetrators to the International Court of Justice.