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Update 2 : UAE militias kill 7 tribesmen in Shabwa clashes

SHABWA, Jan. 5 (YPA) – Seven of tribesmen in Shabwa province were killed on Friday in the Markha district  following clashes with the Shaban elite.

The attack was followed by the intervention of the Apache helicopters which assigned the elite forces after being surrounded by the fire of the tribesmen.

According to an official in the area, the clashes began when a force of the Shaban elite tried to raid the house of a member of the tribe to arrest him on charges of belonging to a terrorist cell.

The wanted person did not exist, but the elite gunmen insisted on taking his brothers instead, which was met by the residents refuse, so that the elite gunmen fired houses and citizens who responded and besieged the elite, which called the helicopters of the UAE occupation to come and strengthen their tools and shelling homes.

The clashes killed the commander of the rapid intervention force in the elite Shabanian Colonel Jalal Saleh Ajaj and soldier Hamoudi Balah and wounded seven of elite forces, and the burning of several military crews belonging to them.

Names of the dead tribesmen of Sada:

1 – Mosaed Bin Mohsen

2 – Nasser Bin Ahmed Hajj

3 – Nasser Bin Saleh bin Hussein

4 – Salman Bin Ahmed

5 – Hussain Lathnon

6 – Abu Bakr Abdullah Abu Bakr

7-Mohammed Abdul Qader Saleh .