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UAE occupation militia storms Secondary School in Shabwa


SHABWA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – The militias of United Arab Emirates occupation forces stormed a High School in Al-Rawda district of Shabwa province, an official told Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

Jassar High school administration suspended teaching after a leader of the Emirates militia, Ahmed Rabaan, on Sunday stormed the secondary and attack on its director, Professor Hashim Hamid, while working in his office, and try to take him by force.

The secondary administration confirmed that this was not the first time that Rabaan intervened in secondary affairs; but it was tolerated during the previous period.

The secondary administration submitted to the Director of Education at the district a memorandum stating its decision to suspend the study until further notice.

The UAE occupation militia in Shabwa are carrying out multiple violations against citizens and public facilities as the occupation seeks to control the various oil fields in the province.