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Saudi-led coalition is helpless and in stalemate in Yemen: Ansar Allah spokesman

SANAA, Nov. 5 (YPA) – The official spokesman of Ansar Allah, Mohammed Abdel-Salam said that the Saudi-led coalition is in Stalemate and helpless in Yemen.

He confirmed the coalition cannot achieve any progress on various fronts in spite of the intensive airstrikes on which it depends most of the time

“The Saudi-led coalition is unable to make any significant progress, neither in Hodeidah nor in other fronts despite the fact that they launch non-stopping aggressive airstrikes,” Mohammed Abdel-Salam said on his Twitter account on Sunday.

He added that “What is being told about the military airdrop in Saada is more like a dramatic comic scene for the helpless coalition, which is well-known for its war crimes since the beginning of the war four years ago.