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Relief projects in Yemen hit by Saudi-led coalition air raids : Oxfam

SANAA, Nov. 4 (YPA) – Relief projects in Yemen were hit by Saudi-led coalition air raids in June, the International Relief Organization (Oxfam) said.

A cholera treatment center in Absa district of Hajjah province was hit in June by air raids, although Oxfam had sent coordinates of the facility over 12 times to the Saudi-led coalition, The “Independent” Newspaper quoted Oxfam’s statement on Saturday.

Two months ago, Saudi-led coalition air raids damaged the Oxfam-supported water supply system that provided water for 6,000 people, according to FAO.

Oxfam’s Head of Policy and Advocacy in Yemen, Dina El-Mamoun, told the British Parliament’s International Development Committee this week that the coalition had bombed UK relief projects in Yemen.

Oxfam’s head of advocacy, Toni Pearce, strongly criticized UK policies toward the Yemeni crisis, describing them as “irresponsible and inconsistent.”

By Exporting arms to the Saudi-led coalition, London has cut off vital food supplies, destroyed hospitals and homes, and hit aid programmes funded by British taxpayers, she said.