YEMEN Press Agency

Military commander loyal to coalition injured in western coast

HODEIDAH, Oct. 12 (YPA) – A military commander loyal to UAE occupation forces was seriously injured by the fire of the Yemeni army and popular committees in the West Coast front, military sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The commander of the third brigade, “Nabil Mashoshi”, was hit by two bullets in the abdomen and the other in the leg, one of the sources said.

He critically injured after several weeks of transporting the brigade from Aden to the western coast, ignoring the terror cells and the military mobilization in the southern provinces by Islah party.

The sources revealed that forces loyal to Tariq Afash, betrayed him, they are believed o be behind the multiple killing and injuring of military commanders.

According to the sources, Mashoshi alongside with several leaders were transferred to the field hospital in the Eritrean port of Assa’ab, and several others were transferred to the hospital of Mokha.