YEMEN Press Agency

900 of ISIS org. arrested by Kurds in Syria

SANAA, Oct. 12 (YPA) – Spokesman for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Syria, Nouri Mahmood, confirmed that there are about 900 members of the Wahhabist organization, ISIS, are from dozens of countries , in the Kurdish prisons.

“There are about 900 terrorist fighters in our detention camps, from some 44 countries,” Mahmoud said according to French agency.

“The war against ISIS is continuing, and we are still capturing the terrorists of the organization,” Mahmoud said, adding that the numbers that have increased in the last months of fighting between our forces and ISIS.

A previous outcome of the Kurdish self-rule last month reported the capture of 520 foreign fighters from the organization.

According to the French agency, the arrest of foreign fighters and members of their families is a burden on the Kurds, with the refusal of many countries to hand over their citizens who joined during the war years of the ISIS organization.


Sameera Hassn