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Saudi Arabia creates 16 military points in Yemen’s Mahra

MAHRA, Sept. 12 (YPA)- Saudi forces have created 16 new military checkpoints in three districts of Mahra province, southern Yemen, according to a TV report aired by Al-Jazeera News Network on Wednesday.

Residents of Saihout, Masila and Haswein districts were able to stop Saudi Arabia from creating military points erected on private property, a matter that prompted the population to prevent the contractor from working, the report explained.

The report said that the residents fear that the Saudi forces will besiege them and restrict their movement, as happened in Dafat area of Saihout district, where resident were prevented from grazing their livestock and from fishing in some areas under the pretext they are military zones.

Saudi Arabia and local authority loyal to it in the province have signed agreements with protesters to replace the Saudi forces at Sarfeet crossing with Yemeni security forces. But the Saudi forces have overturned the agreements and intensified military points and barracks in the province.

Observers confirm that Saudi Arabia sought through these points to enhance its permanent presence more in the Mahra province in order to extend an oil pipeline from its territory to the Arabian Sea.



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