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Al-houthi holds UN, Saudi Arabia responsible of coalition crimes

SANAA, Aug. 24 (YPA) – The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, held the United States, Saudi-led coalition countries responsibility for committing a new massacre by targeting the displaced family and car in Duraihimi district of Hodeidah province, which killed 31 civilians, mostly children.

In a statement, al-Houthi confirmed that the massacre which committed by coalition countries after the massacre of bus’s students of Dahyan proves to the world that the targeting of children and civilians is a consistent policy of the coalition are proceeding according to the mechanism and systematic.

He added that “any justification provided by the countries of coalition can not hide their crimes against the Yemenis, and that any law can not be acquitted the crimes committed, and mislead the media will not cover coalition’s ugliness because the Yemeni people and the world are fully aware since the first day that America is the one leading Aggression and behind it Israel and Britain, with the participation of UAE-Saudi Arabia and other in financing, processing and implementation. ”

Al-houthi appealed to world liberals, societies, states, governments, bodies and organizations to exert pressure for stopping the unjust aggression against the Yemeni people and to end the brutal siege.

Al-Houthi that the rescue of Yemen’s children will mean saving the United Nations and international legitimacy as well, and the victory of humanity, which is subjected by the aggression to the worst violation have known throughout history.

Sameera Hassn