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Supreme Judicial Council condemns coalition’s massacre against children in Saada

SANAA, Aug. 10 (YPA) – The Supreme Judicial Council on Thursday condemned the massacre of coalition forces against Children in Dahyan district of Saada province.

The Council stressed in a statement that the targeting of children’s school bus after they left the mosque in the market crowded with people by coalition air raid is a heinous crime against humanity.

The council added that the admission of the coalition’s spokesman, al-Maliki, in his statement about the raid, has committed another crime by lying that they targeted the rocket launchers and operators.

The council appealed to international and humanitarian organizations, the Security Council, the United Nations and the Muslim world to carry out their humanitarian duty against these crimes and to increase the pace of protests and condemnations against the countries of the coalition and demanding to stop their aggression against the Yemeni people..

denounced the international community’s silence which encouraged the coalition to commit more crimes against the Yemeni people.

The Council directed the competent Prosecution to quickly end the investigation of the crimes of aggression and submit their files to the world competent courts to expedite their consideration in accordance with the law.

The Judicial Council called on the humanitarian organizations working in Yemen to cover the events, transfer them abroad with all credibility and carry out their humanitarian duty in this regard.


Sameera Hassn