YEMEN Press Agency

Arab League supports Saudi procedures against Canada, supports Saudi procedures against activists

SANAA, Aug. 5 (YPA) – The Arab League on Monday declared in a statement release its support for Saudi procedures against Canada, after demands of Canada to release  activists detained by the Saudi authorities.

The decision of League was captured by  Gulf states, especially after the so-called ” Arab Spring”.

The authority Saudi decided on Monday to stop cooperation with Canada in training, scholarship and fellowship programs, Saudi official media said.

The  move came after the declarations  of Canadian foreign minister  in the campaign of arresting  of activists by the Saudi authorities.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia announced its refuse for the Canadian declaration after the last demanded to “immediate release'” for the activists.

Saudi Arabia took immediate measures after the Canadian official declaration, calling the Saudi ambassador to Canada for consultation, considering the Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia as an undesirable person, announcing the freezing of all new trade and investment transactions between the Kingdom and Canada, and retaining its right to take further action.


Ahmed Al-Mutawakel