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Health condemns targeting wells water project in Hodeidah

SANAA, July 27 (YPA) – The Ministry of Public Health and Population condemned the continuation of the coalition in targeting water projects, most recently targeting the wells in the city of Hodeidah and sewage treatment plant in Zabid district.
The ministry said, in a statement, that targeting the wells of the water project in the city of Hodeidah will cause the interruption of water for tens of thousands of families, which rely on these projects.
The statement carried the countries of coalition, led by America, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the health consequences of these crimes, pointing out that the ministry will continue to monitor the results of disease and epidemic.

The ministry said that the coalition destroyed a water project in Nashur district of Saada province before four days.
Furthermore, the coalition also destroyed the wells of the water project in the city of Hodeidah, which led to the interruption of the flow of water to districts of the city, and destroyed the sewage treatment plant in Zabid district, read the statement.

The statement pointed out that these criminal acts create the environment and the health status to spread diseases, epidemics and cholera, which finds a suitable environment in the absence of safe drinking water in addition to the mental, other physical and health burdens caused by water cuts, especially in the summer.
The statement condemned the international silence and humanitarian organizations towards these crimes committed by the coalition, pointing out the need for these organizations to play their role and humanitarian duty.

Sameera Hassn