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Saudi Arabia revenges Malaysia by reducing its pilgrims’ number

SANAA, July 4 (YPA) – Malaysia’s ratio in the number of pilgrims for 2018 is low, compared to the number required after the expansion of Almasjad al-Haram, according to Malaysian media.

The Malaysian National News Agency’s (Bernama) said that the number of pilgrims in Malaysia this year is 30 thousand and 200 pilgrims, distributed across the Malaysian states, despite the claims to increase the number of pilgrims, which supposed that to the number of pilgrims Malaysians this year is to be 42 thousand and 200 pilgrims.

According to Malaysian information, the reason for the reduction in pilgrims is due to the tension between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, as Malaysia withdraws its forces from the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Others believe that it is an attempt to pressure the Malaysian authorities on investigations into the corruption scandal which Saudi princes behind it.