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The real battle of the South is against the occupation: Lahj governor says

SANAA, July 2 (YPA)-  Lahj governor, Ahmed Hamoud Jerib said on Monday that “the battle of the South is not with their brothers in the north, but with the foreign occupation”.

He added that “the south today is suffering as a result of the UAE occupation and invasion,”  considering that the United Arab Emirates and Hadi are cheap tools that implement the US-Israeli agenda in the southern and northern Yemen.

This came in a post he wrote on his Facebook official account.

He accused the Emirati occupation of carrying out a criminal conspiracy against the people of the south by dragged them into the battles in the North.

The announcement of UAE Secretary of State Anwar Gargash about pausing UAE occupation forces would stop their military operations on Hodeidah is a miserable attempt to escape from the failure and the defeat they received in the western coast front by the Yemeni army, he said.

Jerib pointed out that Abu Dhabi is arranging its ranks and more victims of the South are being built for the Battle of Hodeidah.

He called for southerners not to be dragged behind the Emirati plan, stressing that liberating the south from those invading and arrogant forces is a national and religious duty.