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“Former security officer”: Saudi soldiers suffer on southern border with Yemen

RIYADH, Nov. 28 (YPA) – A famous Twitter account called “ex-security officer” in Saudi Arabia has revealed shocking details related to the life and conditions of the Saudi army forces on the southern border of the kingdom with Yemen.

The ex-security officer account wrote on Twitter that the Saudi soldiers on the southern border suffer a lot, some of them have been stopped and some of them are unable to pay the bills and rent the house.

The account pointed out that some of the soldiers have reached the point that they cannot find food for their families and children in Saudi Arabia.

Well-informed Yemeni sources revealed to “Khaleej 24” website that three Saudi officers and soldiers and 13 Sudanese soldiers were killed in an attack by “Ansarullah” on the southern border of the kingdom.

The sources indicated that higher instructions were issued to the Saudi army to keep the losses resulting from the Houthi attacks secret, for fear of a reaction.

The higher instructions justified their decision that announcing losses in the ranks of the army would negatively affect the Kingdom’s position in efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement, according to the sources.

The Kingdom hopes to reach an agreement that gets it out of the Yemeni quagmire it has been inundated in for seven years.