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Recordings, videos leads STC’s leader to international gallows

SANAA, Nov. 28 (YPA) – A former official in the Hadi’s government has revealed that the future of Hani bin Burik, vice president of the so-called “Southern Transitional Council” loyal to the UAE, has ended.

Brigadier General Nasr Al-Shathly, director of the office of the former governor of Aden Jaafar Saad, said that the UAE is ready to transfer bin Burik to London, after proving his direct management of the crimes of assassinations and bombing in the temporary capital, Aden, during the past years.

Al-Shathly, who currently resides in Lausanne city of Switzerland, announced the initiation of a lawsuit against Hani Bin Burik and handing over a file of evidence to European lawyers convicting him of direct supervision of the assassinations and bombings in Aden.

This came in an audio recording of a phone call Al-Shathly made with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to inform it of the fate of Bin Burik, who resides in Abu Dhabi.