YEMEN Press Agency

Military official warns of “Brotherhood” militia reinforcements to Shabwa

SHABWA, Nov. 24 (YPA) – A military official in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, on Wednesday warned of military reinforcements brought in Shabwa from Taiz and Marib provinces by the Islah Party (Brotherhood) militia.

Chief of the so-called “Ataq axis” operations, Colonel Ali Al-Khader Mohammed, loyal to the UAE, said that “the Brotherhood militia had brought in during the past two days huge reinforcements from Marib, comprising more than 25 groups, in addition to hundreds of fighters from Taiz.”

Al-Khader indicated that these reinforcements were distributed to ‘Al-Saeed’ junction, the so-called “Special Security Forces” camp, and the radio building in Ataq city, the administrative center of the oil-rich province, considering that indicates that Islah is preparing “to explode the situation militarily.”

During the past hours, the streets of Ataq city witnessed the spread of armed civilians on military patrol cars.

The “Brotherhood” mobilization coincided with the UAE movements through its arms in Shabwa, amid intensifying disputes between Saudi Arabia and the UAE regarding the future of the province, which was intended as an arena for a new escalation in Yemen.