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Al-Ajri sends important message to the youths of Islah party in Marib

SANAA, Oct. 26 (YPA) – Abdul Malik al-Ajri, a member of the national delegation negotiating in Sanaa, sent an important message to the youth of the Islah Party, The Yemeni branch of  the Muslim brotherhood in Marib.

“I swear a God, if al-Islah’s leaders knew what we knew about the true intentions of its allies, they would have been a misdemeanour for peace from the beginning and realize that we are closer to peace than them,” al-Ajri said in a tweet

“But the old leaders of the party,  who are unaware and do not have the will  want to put  the party’s survival under Saudi Guardianship, the Islah youths need leadership that instruct  and get them out of the free death in other massacres,” he said.