YEMEN Press Agency

5,000 food baskets distributed to people of Al-Abdiya district in Marib

MARIB, Oct. 19 (YPA) – The General Authority for Zakat distributed on Tuesday 5,000 food baskets to the people of Al-Abdiya district of Marib province, in coordination with the local authority in the province, the army, and the popular committees.

At the inauguration of distribution, the governor of Marib in the national salvation government, Major General Ali Tua’iman, said that “what the mercenary media of Saudi-led coalition claim about the siege of Al-Abdiya are not true and the reality confirms that.”

The governor confirmed that Al-Abdiya and its sons enjoy complete security, safety, and tranquility, and they live their lives in a normal way after the liberation of the district and the defeat of “Takfiri” elements from it.

He noted that there are many projects that the authority would implement in the near future in the Al-Abdiya district, such as economic empowerment projects for those unable to work and other projects.