YEMEN Press Agency

Several coalition leaders killed in Marib battles

MARIB, Oct. 16 (YPA) – About 8 senior military commanders loyal to the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government were killed in the battles taking place in Marib province.

According to sources, that the coalition forces and Al-Qaeda members were inflicted heavy losses in lives and military equipment by the Yemeni army in Abdiya district, south of the city of Marib.

Dozens of coalition forces were also killed and wounded, in those battles whose results led to the control of Sanaa government forces over Abdiya.

According to the sources, among the most prominent deaths of the coalition leaders killed were “Abdul Hakim Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi,” the commander of the coalition forces, Brig. Al-Islah in Al-Abdiyyah, Sheikh “Mohammed Al-Ahraq, as well as to “Mohammed Al-Shadadi”, Sheikh Nasser Al-Shadadi, Sheikh “Ebad Al-Omari” and Major “Ahmed Salem Al-Shadadi.

ًًWhile the fate of many military leaders is still unknown.