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Google, Amazon staffs call for end of their companies’ support for Israeli occupation

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 (YPA) – Hundreds of Google and Amazon employees demanded their employers to stop their support for the Israeli occupation, especially providing it with cloud technology.

This came in a petition signed by about 500 employees of the two companies on Tuesday, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

The employees emphasized that supporting the Israeli occupation with this technology would contribute to the pursuit and follow-up of Palestinians, their targeting, and their killing.

They stated that the technology they are building at both companies must serve and advance people everywhere, noting that their conscientiousness makes them morally obligated to speak out against violations of these core values.

The employees stated that under the “Project Nimbus” contract, dangerous technology would be sold to the Israeli occupation army and government.

The Nimbus project is a $1.2 billion contract to provide cloud services to the Israeli military and government through which it can impose further monitoring of all data relating to Palestinians illegally and unethically.