YEMEN Press Agency

Militants blow up pipeline transporting crude oil in Shabwah

SHABWAH, Sept. 14 (YPA) – Unknown militants on Tuesday evening blew up a crude oil pipeline in Shabwah province, eastern Yemen, local sources reported.

According to the sources, the militants believed to be affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia below up the pipeline transporting crude oil from al-Rawdah district to the reservoirs at al-Nashama oil port, which is under the control of Islah militants.

According to the sources, residents heard a powerful explosion near the highway linking Shabwah, Aden and Mukalla.

The STC leaders accused Islah Party leaders of acquiring oil wealth in the southern provinces of Shabwah and Hadhramaut, and using it for the benefit of the party.

They are not using the revenues for improving the economic and service conditions of these provinces, the STC leaders said.

The blast coincided with calls made by the STC for popular demonstrations on Thursday in all districts of Shabwah, demanding the departure of Islah militants from the province.