YEMEN Press Agency

Protests against deterioration of services continue in Aden

ADEN, April 24 (YPA) – Protests continued on Saturday for the second day in a row in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen, as a result of the deterioration of services and the high cost of living.

Hundreds of people from Aden went out in the districts of Khor Maksar, Crater, Al-Tawahi, and Al-Mansoura to protest against long hours of power cuts and the rise in food prices.

The protesters cut off the main streets and burned tires to express their anger, accusing the Saudi-led coalition of standing behind their suffering.

They called on all citizens to go out in large demonstrations and open sit-ins in front of the coalition headquarters in Al-Buriqa area.

The southern provinces are witnessing widespread discontent as a result of the deterioration of basic services and the economic situation.