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Death toll in friendly fire bombings by Saudis rises to 84

MARIB, March 07(YPA) – Death toll of the massacre committed by  Saudi-led coalition aircraft on Friday against southern recruits from Shabwah and Abyan provinces has risen to 84.

Local sources in Marib province tol Yemen Press Agency that 84 of Saudi-led mercenaries were killed  and 56 wounded due to the coalition’s two airstrikes on military reinforcements coming from Shabwah and Abyan provinces.

The sources confirmed that the coalition forces transported the wounded and the bodies of the dead, to a field hospital that was set up inside a camp belonging to the “third military Region” and to the Authority hospital in Marib city.

On Friday afternoon, the coalition air raids  hit military reinforcements of pro-Hadi soldiers arriving at the Al-Kassra front in Marib, killing dozens of its own recruits.