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Saudi Arabia seeks to destroy Yemen’s economy: Southern activist

SANAA, March 03 (YPA) – A southern media activist has accused Saudi Arabia of displacing investors from Mahra province, eastern Yemen.

The journalist, Saleh Al-Mahri, said on his Twitter account, “the Saudi occupation worked on the escape of investors from Mahra, and even worked to harass merchants and businessmen through the land crossings in Sarfit and Shahin and in Nashton seaport.”

He explained that the purpose of all this is to completely destroy Yemen’s economy.

The Saudi-Emirati occupation prevented airlines in Yemen, including Yemen Airways and Al-Saeeda Airlines, to transport passengers to and from the Socotra Archipelago province, he added in another tweet, noting that the occupation only gives licenses to the Emirates Airline Company.

It is worth noting that the people of Mahra reject the Saudi and foreign presence in their province, and have previously promised to wage an armed struggle.