YEMEN Press Agency

Army controls main northern entrance to Marib

MARIB, Feb. 18 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces backed by the popular committees on Thursday imposed full control over the asphalt road to Marib city from the northwestern direction.

Local sources reported that the army and the committees fought fierce battles against Saudi-led coalition forces during the past hours, during which they managed to control the asphalt road leading to the city, a few hours after clearing ‘Al-Kassara’ front.

Sanaa forces repelled a large offensive of the coalition recruits towards Al-Kassara, and forced them to flee to their locations in “Dash Al-Khashab” area, the sources explained.

The coalition forces suffered heavy human and material losses as a result of the failed attack, during which Brigadier General Ahmed Qaid Al-Sharabi, commander of the so-called “117th Brigade,” and all of his escorts were killed, the sources added.