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Erlo: Biden administration is seeking to impose direct military presence in Yemen

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) – The Iranian ambassador to Sanaa, Hassan Erlo, considered that the decision of the US President, Joe Biden, to stop supporting the coalition campaign in Yemen was due to the United States ’endeavor to impose a direct military presence there.
“America is the Great Satan, and we are not optimistic about the American’s speech, and certainly the new administration has a policy that is different from its predecessors, which is to impose a direct political and military presence in Yemen, as happened in both Iraq and Syria,” Erlo said in a tweet on Friday evening on his Twitter account. .

Biden announced, on Thursday, that the United States would stop its support for the Saudi-led Arab coalition operations in Yemen, but he pledged to continue helping the kingdom defend its territory.
The new American president also confirmed that his country would intensify its efforts to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Yemeni crisis, as he put it.