YEMEN Press Agency

Protest rally in Sanaa rejects US moves to designate AnsarAllah terrorist organization

SANAA, Jan. 16 (YPA) – A mass protest rally was organized on Saturday in Sanaa province to reject the US moves to designate AnsarAllah Movement as a terrorist organization.

At the rally that was attended by Sanaa governor, Abdul Basit Al-Hadi, who affirmed “that the designation reflects the arrogance of the aggression against Yemen for the sixth consecutive year, calling for the escalation of locally and internationally protests and stances against the US decision.

Al-Hadi pointed out that the US, the Zionist entity and their tools from the client regimes in the Arab world are a primary source of terrorism.

He called for strengthening steadfastness, cohesion and supporting the fronts to confront the crimes and violations of the Saudi criminal coalition.

The participants stressed the importance of mobilizing to the fronts and backing the Yemeni army with fighters and money until victory is achieved.

The protesters condemned the continued shameful silence of the so-called human rights organizations, especially the United Nations, regarding the crimes and violations of the coalition against Yemen’s land and people.