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Health Minister confirms determination to proceed with comprehensive reform of health sector

SANAA, Jan. 11 (YPA) – Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, on Monday confirmed the ministry’s intention to proceed with a comprehensive and complete reform of the health sector.

This came during hosting him by the media platform organized by the Ministry of Information for members of the National Salvation Government, and official institutions and bodies.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel indicated that organizations operating outside of the need plan have been stopped.

He explained that the focus during the coming period would be on health insurance, and creating infrastructure and investing in the medical and health sector.

The Health Minister referred to the directives of President of the Supreme Political Council to move towards the countryside, which represents 70 percent of the population, to provide medical and health services and alleviate the suffering of citizens there.

“We have set ambitious plans and are striving to find a rural hospital in every district within the next five years,” he said.

He noted that the ministry needs more than 150,000 general doctors and 20,000 specialized physicians, he added. “The available cadre are no more than 4,000 doctors and 1,800 specialized, including 900 specialized in the Capital Sanaa and 900 specialists distributed over the rest of the provinces, and we seek to bridge the wide gap in this aspect.”

Dr. Al-Mutawakel also affirmed that the Ministry is seeking to introduce a radiological device for oncology patients, with a value of four million dollars, as the organizations refused to enter the device.

“Last year, the Ministry worked to provide 700,000 washes for dialysis patients and distribute them to the dialysis centers,” he said, adding that during the current year, about 500,000 washes for dialysis diseases will be provided, along with equipment and medicines.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel mentioned that Yemen followed the policy of not intimidating and underestimating in confronting Covid-19 epidemic, saying “Thanks to Allah Yemen was able to get out of this ordeal.”

He blamed “Saudi-led aggression coalition” for the spread of epidemics and diseases in Yemen.