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Official in Hadi gov’t accuses Saudi Arabia, UAE of obliterating Aden airport attack’s monuments

SANAA, Jan. 2 (YPA) – An official in exiled Hadi government accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of obliterating the monuments of the attack that targeted Aden International Airport.

Anis Mansour, a former media advisor at the Hadi government’s embassy in Riyadh, said on Twitter, that the UAE and Saudi Arabia rushed to erase the crime scene inside the airport before completing the investigations and waiting for any international action to probe into the attack.

Last Thursday, pro-coalition media outlets revealed the Saudi and Emirati efforts were exerted to close the incident file, as the Saudi committee in charge of the investigation did not have the necessary equipment for examination and experience in investigating such operations.

The sources confirmed that bulldozers of the coalition moved to remove the rubble left by the attacks at the airport in directions by Ahmed Lamlas, Aden governor appointed by the Hadi government.