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Al-Bukhaiti advises Saudi Arabia to review its accounts with Yemeni people

SANAA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – Dhamar governor and a member of the political bureau of Ansar Allah Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti advised Saudi Arabia to review its accounts with the Yemeni people and moving towards peace instead of lamenting to the world and the Security Council.

Al-Bukhaiti in a program on Al-Alam TV, said that Saudi ports and airports, which are used for military purposes, have become targets for the Yemeni army’s rockets.

He added: Out of our keenness to avoid to on international maritime navigation effects, the foreign ships should not approach Saudi ports, and foreign companies should also leave Saudi Arabia from being targeted.

He affirmed that the Saudi Arabia does not have the right to destroy Yemeni air and land ports, impose siege to starve the Yemeni people, and want to deprive the Yemeni people of the right to defend themselves.