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Meteorologists warn of crashing waves that could hit Aden, Socotra coasts

ADEN, Nov. 18 (YPA) – Meteorologists in the city of Aden warned of the rising waves that will hit the coasts of Aden and Socotra Island, in the coming hours,


In a statement on Wednesday, the meteorologists confirmed that thunderstorms, disturbance in the sea and rising waves in the vicinity of Socotra province, and the entrance to the Gulf of Aden.


The statement noted that the formation of an air depression in the south of the Arabian Sea, expecting it to go to the Socotra archipelago in conjunction with its transformation into a deep air depression.


It warned fishermen and seagoers around the Socotra archipelago and the entrance to the Gulf of Aden against sailing, stressing that the weather situation is witnessing strong winds and waves.