YEMEN Press Agency

Zionist army launches military exercises in Jordan Valley

SANAA, Nov. 15 (YPA) – The Zionist enemy army began on Sunday morning begun  large-scale military exercises in the northern Jordan Valley and expected to continue for a week, while enemy forces, activists said.


On Saturday, the occupation informed residents of several areas in the Jordan Valley to evacuate their homes under the pretext of conducting military exercises between houses.


Human rights and law activist Arif Draghma said the enemy has  notified many families to evacuate al-Burj and al-Maytah areas for military training this week.


The enemy authorities have notified many families in different areas of the Jordan Valley of the evacuation during the past period, he said, as they conduct extensive training in the area.

Last month, enemy authorities seized more than 11,000 dunums in the Palestinian territories, mostly pastoral land, for the so-called nature reserves, in one of the largest takeovers.


Since its occupation of the West Bank, the enemy authorities have sought to annex and Judaize the Palestinian valleys, which are located on a huge reservoir of water.


The Jordan Valley is the food basket of Palestine and is the most affected area by the annexation project, which devours tens of thousands of dunums of agricultural land.


The  2020  has been described as the peak year in strengthening construction plans in settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, particularly in the isolated areas.