YEMEN Press Agency

Popular demonstrations in Bahrain reject normalization, visit of Zionist delegation to Manama

SANAA, Oct. 19 (YPA) – Bahrain has witnessed popular demonstrations against the ruling regime’s recent normalization with the illegal Zionist entity.

The protesters took to the streets throughout the Persian Gulf island state on Sunday night.

They carried signs that read, “Down with US and Israel” and “No to normalization with the occupying regime” as well as placards that condemned any facilitation of the Israeli regime’s intervention in the Persian Gulf region.

Others carried Palestinian flags, asserting that Manama’s stance towards Tel Aviv and the ongoing favorable coverage of the rapprochement by some media outlets did not serve to represent the Bahraini public’s opinion.

The protesters confirmed that they stand by the Palestinian nation and are against all instances of treachery” targeting them such as acts of normalization with the occupying entity.

The activists added that Bahrain is witnessing a heavy security deployment in conjunction with the visit of a Zionist and American delegation in conjunction with popular demonstrations rejecting normalization and the visit of the Zionist delegation to Manama.

The Zionist and American delegation arrived on a commercial flight of the enemy aircraft that crossed Saudi airspace to sign a number of trade agreements with the Bahraini regime.