YEMEN Press Agency

Looting, robbery of state land continue in Aden

ADEN, Sep. 23 (YPA) – The occupied province of Aden has been witnessing an unprecedented security chaos, accompanied by looting and robbery of the state lands by influential people.

Dozens of citizens in Aden held a protest vigil on Tuesday in front of the Land Authority branch gate in Mualla area, demanding the dismissal of the corrupt and the reduction of the plunder of state lands.

The protestors called for dismissing and holding accountable all officials of the Land Authority who tampered with the state plans and delayed handing over the lands of citizens for 30 years.

On Tuesday, Dar Saad district witnessed violent clashes between two armed factions who wanted to seize land belonging to the state.

Local sources reported that security leaders loyal to the UAE supported one of the influential people to take a vast land north of Aden province, which prompted gunmen affiliated with governor of Lahj province, who is loyal to Saudi-led coalition, to prevent them, and clashes occurred between the two parties with light and medium weapons.