YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen condemns signing of UAE, Bahrain’s agreement to normalize with Zionist entity

SANAA, Sep. 16 (YPA) – Yemeni’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned on Wednesday the UAE and Bahrain’s signing of the normalization agreement with Israel entity.

The ministry renewed in a statement the position of the Yemeni people and its government in support of the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate its land and establish independent state and its capital, Al-Quds.

The statement considered the normalization with Israel entity as total treason against the central Arab cause, and a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation.

It indicated that the normalization by some Arab regimes with the Zionist entity under US auspices will not achieve security for those regimes or reach peace in the Middle East, in addition to threatening security and stability in the region and the world.

The statement pointed out that the main goal of normalization aimed at achieving political victory for the US and Zionist administrations and targeting the Palestinian issue.

The ministry called on the Palestinians to unite ranks and reject differences for facing the plots hatched against the Palestinian cause.