YEMEN Press Agency

Armed clashes erupt between tribes, Islah militants in Marib

MARIB, Sep. 15 (YPA) – Fierce clashes broke out on Tuesday in Hareeb district of Marib province between ‘Al Ghanim’ tribes and Islah Party militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition forces, said local sources.

Al Ghanim tribe had concluded an agreement with the coalition forces to bring fighters from the Islah militia to their areas to fight the Yemeni army forces and the popular committees, according to the sources.

The sources explained that leaders in the Islah Party took advantage of the agreement and launched an attack on the Al Ghanem tribes because of an old vendetta between leading Islah figures and the tribes.

The tribesmen were able to burn two military vehicles and seize another armored vehicle belonging to the coalition forces, the sources added, noting that the clashes are still going on at the time of writing.