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Parliament reviews coalition’s crimes against Yemenis over 6 years

SANAA, Sep. 15 (YPA) – The Yemeni Parliament, in its session on Tuesday chaired by Speaker Yahya al-Ra’i, reviewed painful scenes of some of the crimes and massacres committed by the Saudi-Emeriti-led coalition against the Yemeni people over a period of six years.

The documentary presentation included pictures supported by numbers of the horrific crimes of the aggression coalition that targeted children and women, and demolished homes on the heads of their inhabitants in massacres that turned the bodies of children and women to pieces.

The show also included the destruction caused by the coalition’s bombing to infrastructure in the country, including roads, bridges, markets, mosques, schools, universities, wedding and funeral halls, electricity and telecommunication stations, water and sanitation projects, ports, airports, headquarters of state institutions, factories and farms.

At the session, the House’s members affirmed their keenness to convey such scenes to Arab, regional and international parliaments, unions, the Security Council and the United Nations.

They noted to the importance of the roles of the Parliament, media and civil society organizations in addressing the world and making efforts to pursue the file of the aggression coalition crimes before international courts.