YEMEN Press Agency

Serious pollution threatens marine environment in Aden shores

ADEN, Sep. 15 (YPA) – The coasts of Aden province, southern Yemen, were exposed on Tuesday to new environmental pollution due to the emergence of large black patches of oil and mazut in the sea off Enmaa city.

Fishermen in the province reported that the oil speckles were brought by waves into the coast of Aden city this morning as a result of an oil leak from an oil tanker passing near Yemeni territorial waters.

These stains of oil and black butter, which appeared on the coasts of Aden, pose a great threat to the marine environment and the life of large numbers of fish and marine creatures, the fishermen added.

On March 5, the shores of Aden and Abyan provinces witnessed environmental pollution, which led to the death of large numbers of fish and made the sea water appear greenish.