YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s army takes over 13 strategic military sites in Marib

MARIB, Sep. 13 (YPA) – The Yemeni army attacked on Sunday the Saudi-led coalition forces and took over 13 strategic military sites in Marib province, military sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The source affirmed that the army targeted the sites in al-Jawba front, inflicting the coalition heavy casualties.

The sources indicated that the coalition warplanes destroyed al-Jawba bridge,in an attempt to stop the advance of the army towards the center of the al-Jawba district, the last stronghold of the coalition forces in the district.

The sources indicated that the army was able to purge several areas of Rathmam, Awaimer, Al-Malih, Al-Habsiyah, Shrouam, Al-Mouja, Jabal Al-Hudhan, Jabal Al-Ajma, Jabal Al-Ban, Jabal Arfasan, and Ruham in al-Jawba.

Since March 26, 2015, the Saudi-led coalition has intervened in Yemen’s sovereignty and internal affairs, and waged a military operating against the Yemeni army and people in flagrant violations of the international conventions.