YEMEN Press Agency

Amran’s police seize 1,175 kg of hashish 

AMRAN, Sep. 13 (YPA) – The anti-drug police in Amran province on Sunday seized 1,175 kilograms of narcotic hashish, which was on its way to Saudi territory.

The Drug Control Department stated that it had received security information about a small truck heading for the border areas carrying an amount of narcotic hashish hidden under a load of water cartons.

The truck tried to flee very quickly when the security men stopped it in Houth district, and it turned over and its load of water cartons was scattered to reveal 1,175 blocks of hashish, each weighing one kilogram, the department explained.

The truck’s driver was arrested along with another person was accompanying him, and they admitted that they brought the narcotic hashish from the occupied areas to be smuggled into Saudi Arabia, according to the police.