YEMEN Press Agency

Israeli Navy sets up military telecom network in Socotra

SOCOTRA, Aug. 14 (YPA) – Informed sources reported Thursday that the UAE transported secretly Israeli experts and advanced military equipment through warships to the isolated port it recently established on Socotra Island, southern Yemen.

The sources indicated that the UAE transported the Israeli military equipment via ships belonging to “Khalifa Humanitarian Foundation” to complete the process of establishing a military base on the island.

The equipment were brought by the UAE from the Israeli Mamtam base, which is designated for the telecommunications network of the Israeli navy, to the Abu Dhabi port, before they were transferred to the isolated port in Socotra, according to the sources.

The sources indicated that the cargo of the suspicious Emirati ships coming to Socotra is not subject to inspection, including the ship “Astra”, which unloaded military equipment at the port of “Dilisha”, which is located three kilometres east of Socotra port.