YEMEN Press Agency

Weather in Yemen is unstable: Meteorological Center

SANAA, Aug. 1 (YPA) – The National Meteorological Center on Saturday said that the weather in Yemen is unstable, especially in mountainous areas, internal plateaus, and western and southern coastal areas, with a slight decline during the coming days.

In its weather forecast, the center expected rain of varying intensity, accompanied by thunderstorms, over large parts of the mountainous hills and inner plateaus, especially the areas adjacent to the Tihama Plain.

The rain also includes the eastern provinces of Hadramout and Mahra during the daylight hours and continue until the early evening hours, as well as coastal areas, especially the western coasts, and the areas adjacent to them during the evening hours and continue until the early morning hours.

The Center pointed out that the rain will include separate parts of the southern and eastern coasts, as well as separate thunder cells are active on desert areas accompanied by rain of varying intensity and active winds.

The Center warned citizens in the areas where rain is expected, especially vehicle drivers, from being in the bottoms of valleys and flood streams, calling for the necessary precautions to be taken from the rock-slides and mudslides and the decrease in the range of horizontal visibility on the roads.