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Newspaper: Israel conducts largest military build-up since 2006 on Lebanon’s border

SANAA, July 31 (YPA) – A Kuwaiti newspaper on Friday revealed major movements and reinforcements of the Israeli occupation army towards the northern region bordering Lebanon, which it considered the largest since the Second Lebanon War in July 2006.

Kuwait’s Al-Rai Newspaper published an article entitled “The largest Israeli military build-up on Lebanon’s border since 2006”, in which it has said that the occupying army had reinforced its forces in the northern region command sectors, on a larger scale since the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

According to the article, the Israeli army has kept its forces on high alert, and border forces have been reinforced with sophisticated artillery, intelligence units and special forces.

It added that the reinforcements come with direct orders from Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, to prevent “any attack” that Hezbollah might launch against Israeli targets, in  light of  the current tension and Israeli fear of escalation.

“If Hezbollah tries to attack us and harm us, we will harm Hezbollah and harm the state of Lebanon, so I advise them not to play with us,” the Newspaper quoted Israeli Defense Minister as saying.