YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa prepares to commemorate “Al-Welayah Day”

SANAA, July 22 (YPA) – The leadership of the Capital Sanaa along with the local and supervisory councils organized on Wednesday a preparatory meeting to commemorate the “Al-Welayah Day” or “Eid Al-Ghadir”.

At the meeting, Mayor of the capital, Hamoud Obad, pointed out the importance of commemorating Al-Ghadir Day, and reminding of this day when the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family) said “Whoever I was his master, Ali his master too.”

The capital’s mayor affirmed that the principle of Al-Welayah would return the nation to its inherent affiliation, the association with its symbols, the correct method, and the correct sources stemming from the Book of Allah (Quraan) and the approach of the humanity master, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon).

Obad touched on the dangers and challenges that the Islamic nation is going through during the current stage, in light of the efforts of global arrogance forces led by America and Israel and their tools in the region to seize the nation’s capabilities and control its affairs.

The Day of Al-Welayah marks the 18th day of Thi-Hejjah in the year 10 A.H., when Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) declared Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him) his first successor according to the divine orders in front of more than 100,000 pilgrims at the Al-Ghadir area in Saudi Arabia.