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Norwegian Refugee Council calls for ceasefire in Yemen

SANAA, July 22 (YPA) – The Norwegian Refugee Council called for a ceasefire in Yemen.

Mohamed Abdi, director of the Office of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Yemen, said in a statement that ” Yemen needs a rescue package and there must be a ceasefire.”

He added that “the continuation of air strikes and fighting so far is very disgraceful,” stressing that “the countries involved in financing and supporting this war must stop fueling fire and assist in silencing weapons once and for all.”

A study conducted by the council revealed that one out of every four Yemeni families surveyed is threatened with hunger after losing all their income since the beginning of the Corona epidemic in Yemen.

The study said that food is a major concern for nearly 94 percent of families.

The Council called for directing a small part of the efforts to revitalize the economy of the post-19th rich countries, towards Yemen to help achieve economic stability, refinance of relief aid, and the end of import restrictions.

He explained that the Corona epidemic comes at the head of a group of other challenges that may cost people their lives, as other numbers of families have slipped to the poverty line after their income has decreased and they are now facing a confrontation with more hunger.

The statement indicated that families in Yemen are struggling with difficulty to survive and their situation has become worse than before.