YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni riyal continues recovering in Sanaa, drops in southern provinces  

SANAA, July 12 (YPA) – The Yemeni riyal exchange rate on Sunday continued recovering in the capital Sanaa, for the second week in a row, reaching 599 riyals per dollar, as a result of pumping foreign currencies to the exchange shops by the Central Bank of Yemen in Sanaa.

Meanwhile, the riyal exchange rate in the southern Yemeni provinces is still suffering from decline due to the tension between the armed factions loyal to Saudi-led coalition in Abyan province, and the arrival of a new batch of the funds printed without cover by Hadi’s government to Mukalla port in Hadramout province.

The riyal exchange rate in Aden province recorded 757 riyals per dollar, and 739 riyals in Hadramout.

The average price of dollar on the black market reached 605 riyals in the capital Sanaa, while its price in the Central Bank in Sanaa continued at 250.5 riyals, and at 498 riyals in other Yemeni banks in the capital.